Tough Times

I hate to bring up the topic of tough times but I believe it is in the motorist’s best interest not to buy that new car, but rather keep their current car. I have seen a trend of motorists putting off general maintenance which will potentially result in higher repair costs when something goes wrong. In the marketing business, experts believe cutting marketing expenses during times of recession can be a big mistake; the ramifications are similar to that of not maintaining your motor vehicle. What you may save now will definitely cost you more down the road. Remember that famous Fram Oil Filter ad “pay me now or pay me later”. Anyway, my point is, do not neglect your cars maintenance. If you want your car to be safe and reliable, doing the scheduled maintenance will definitely pay off in the long run. Call me with any questions regarding your cars maintenance needs, we also have set up maintenance programs where you can spread out the costs. Just as a reminder I would still like to hear back from readers regarding the “Getting to Know Your Car” class I will offer at no charge to those interested, please e-mail me at for more information. Drive safe and Happy Holidays.

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