April is National Car Care Month

If you did not already know, April is National Car Care month. As it is officially now spring time, it is time to prepare your car for the longer days ahead and the longer drives as drivers take to highways nationwide on family vacations and getaways. The worst thing that can happen is to pack up the car with all your belongings and kids, jump onto the freeway, drive hundreds of miles and have something catastrophic happen. This could be a hose blowout, a tire blowout, or a transmission failure. Now you are stuck on the side of the road wondering who to call and what to do, inevitably altering your vacation plans for the worse. You can prevent this nightmare by properly preparing your car. Whether seeing a trained technician or if you are to do it yourself there is also a lot you can do.

I suggest that the car be inspected and if there are problems or potential problems found that would cause you a breakdown, at least you can make choices and informed decisions before heading down the highway. A thorough inspection should cost no more than $150.00, compare that to a tow bill or cost to repair a damaged car and you’ll be happy about your investment.

You car also deserves some good pampering, give it a good thorough cleaning, a good polish and wax job and you will feel good about how not only your car looks but how much better it drives (maybe). Being that your car is most likely your second largest investment, take care of it and it will take care of you. Drive safe and happy motoring.

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