Hidden Damage

Although we are not a collision center, repairing cars with body damage, I wanted to write a little about collision damage in case your vehicle is involved in a “minor” collision such as a low speed front or rear end collision. After getting over the instant shock of being struck by another vehicle, most people get out of their cars and perform a visual inspection of the vehicles damage, at times being very visible and other times not. Taking one step back, my suggestion is if you are involved in a minor collision the very first thing you want to do is find a safe place to park. Next would be to locate your vehicles registration and insurance information, call the police if you feel it is needed or someone is being unreasonable about the accident. Now, the next step is the most critical of all, do not let someone tell you “it does not look like your car has any damage”. Even if it may not be physically visible to your eyes or their eyes there is a good chance that there is hidden damage, damage that is only visible to a trained professional, which could be very expensive to repair. Always, under any circumstance, get their drivers license and insurance information, then have your car looked at by a professional to see if any damage has occurred. Being that we are approaching the cold of winter and at times icy road conditions, we see a lot more bent wheels, steering and suspension components from cars sliding into curbs, and other dangerous obstructions. If any of these occur, most likely at the very least your car will need a front end alignment. So drive safe and keep your distance and slow down in poor weather conditions.

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