Car Care
30K, 60K, 90K Mile Services, Full Vehicle Inspection, Lube Oil Filter, Transmission Flush, Power Steering Flush, Differential Flush, Brake Fluid Flush, Cooling System

Brake System
Diagnosis, Pads and Linings, Machine Work, Anti-Lock Systems, Emergency Brakes

Fuel System
Fuel Injection, Injector Cleaning, Fuel Filters, Fuel Pumps, Carburetors

Engine Repair
Timing Belts, Head Gaskets, Complete Overhauls, Oil Leak Detection and Repair

Engine Management System
Computer Diagnosis, Sensor Replacement, Certified Emissions Specialist

Cooling System
Hoses and Belts, Thermostats, Water Pumps, Radiators

Electrical System
Alternators, Starters, Batteries, Lighting, Wiring

Suspension System
Shocks and Struts, Suspension Services, Steering Service

Tire and Wheel
Tires (sublet), Balancing (in house), Wheels

Diagnosis, Replacement, Rebuilding, Oil Leak Detection and Repair

Exhaust System
Mufflers, Tail Pipes, Exhaust Manifolds, Catalytic Converters

Trailer Service and Repair
Wiring, Suspension, Brakes, Hitch Installation, Welding and Fabrication

Diesel Service and Repair
Maintenance, Service and Repair on Diesel Cars and Trucks up to 2 tons.