Second Opinion

Often you hear folks with medical issues looking for a second opinion on a particular diagnosis they may not feel comfortable with, more so if the doctor that diagnosed the problem is new to them and that they have not established a trusting relationship.

Well, being a car doctor I am seeing more requests for second opinions or estimates during these difficult times, now more than ever. I believe it is so important to establish a trustworthy relationship with your automotive service repair facility as you would with your primary care doctor. This particular business I have chosen to do business in does not have the most stellar reputation of honesty and trust. But believe me there are automotive repair shops out there that you can trust and believe that you are being told exactly what is wrong with you car and how much it will cost to service or repair it. I have built my business on trust and integrity, we at Michael’s are now seeing second and third generation customers which makes me feel good about not only establishing that bond of trust with the primary customer, but with that customers family as well. Please check us out on the web at consumer referral sites such as (in which we have one of the highest ratings on the eastside), and or e-mail me at and I can give you a second opinion.

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