Automotive Tips

Here are some automotive tips that you may find helpful and interesting. 

●  A broom is the quickest way to clean snow from a car, you can cut the handle down and store it in your trunk.

●  Keep a few handy wipes in your glove compartment to remove gasoline odor from your hands after filling the tank.

●  Place a bag of kitty litter in your trunk, in case your car gets stuck in the snow. Sprinkle some under the tires to get traction

●  Never warm your car in your garage

●  Clean hard to reach area (dashboard, cup holders) with a dampened sponge tipped paint brush.

●  Laundry pre wash liquid removes tar from your cars finish.

●  If you chip the paint on your car, clean promptly and apply clear nail polish to the area to prevent rust.

●  Use newspaper to wipe windows dry after cleaning to avoid streaks.

●  Clean headlights, chrome and enamel with baking soda.

●  Remove old bumper stickers with lighter fluid. Soak stickers for a few minutes then gently remove with a razor blade.

● Never wash your car in the sun to prevent streaking.

I some hope of these help may help you.

Drive Safe, Happy Motoring

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