Maintenance Servicing

Just recently I drove by a “Quick Lube” facility and to my surprise I noticed a banner hanging outside the building saying “We perform 30/60/90k services” and I thought to myself “Who in their right mind would have a “Quick Lube” facility perform this service on their vehicle?” You may ask, “Why not?” Well here are just a few reasons. First of all, any maintenance service requires a vehicle be test driven so the technician can observe how the car is driving and make notes of anything out of the norm. This takes years of experience to correctly identify a problem or problem in the making. How about inspecting the vehicles brakes? This requires removal of the vehicles wheels and partial disassembly of the brakes to properly inspect the brakes condition. How about the vehicles steering/suspension and exhaust system? I am not saying “Quick Lube” facilities do not have their place, but you are trusting your car to a “lube technician” when in fact a properly trained and experienced automobile technician should be inspecting your vehicle so it can be properly informed of the vehicles condition. At that point you can make decisions of what you would like to have serviced or not to have serviced based on information that is provided to you. That is how we perform these types of service at Michaels Auto Repair, let me know if we can help you.

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