La Nina Is On Its Way

The media says that La Nina is coming back. Remember the last time she visited us? Absolute chaos in Seattle. We were unable to get down the street to our place of business, let alone get into the parking lot for four days. This is a reminder to be prepared if she does pay us a visit. Here is what your car needs to have to be ready. Make sure your cooling system has the correct amount of coolant (not water)  to protect it against the cold temperatures and that the heating system is working correctly. Verify your battery is in good condition (recommend replacement if over 5 years old.) Your cars tires should have adequate tread for heavy rain or possible snow. Also make sure your wiper blades are good, windshield washers function, snow chains are ready, blanket in the car, and keep your fuel tank level at above 1/4 tank. If you need help or advise with any of the above please call me at (425) 869-2419. Drive safe and happy motoring.

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