Warning Lamps. What do they mean? Part 2

“Brake” indicates a problem in the brake system, possible causes are low on brake fluid, parking brake not released completely or a hydraulic problem in the brake system.

“Oil” means a problem in the vehicles engine lubrication system, possible causes are that the engine is low on engine oil or the engine has a loss of oil pressure. In the most part the lamp is tied into a pressure switch which senses oil pressure with in the engine, it is critical that the engine is stopped as soon as it is safe and the oil level is checked, if low add oil, if the oil level is correct call your automotive service provider for help and information on what to do, do not drive your car as possible catastrophic damage could occur.

“Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” means that your vehicles engine management computer has seen something wrong in the vehicles power train computer controlled system, if the light is illuminated solid you are generally ok to drive but also check your vehicles gauges for abnormal readings, if the light is flashing you need to make immediate arrangements to have your vehicle inspected as damage to the vehicles catalytic converters will take place. If the solid light stays on you should make an appointment to have your car looked at. One last hint, check the fuel cap to make sure it is in place and tight.

Be Safe

Michael Peck

Michaels Auto Repair

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