The Importance of your cars Owners’ Handbook

Every car is equipped with an owner’s handbook when the car is delivered to the new car buyer. How many of those excited new car buyers actually take that little book out of the glove compartment, open it and read it is anyone’s guess, but my guess is not many. Often the book goes missing and when the next excited buyer purchases the now used car it’s not there. If that is the case my advice is call your local car dealership and order one.

That little book is a wealth of information and my belief is that everyone, especially new drivers, should be required to read the entire handbook and familiarize themselves with the operation of the vehicle. How many new drivers actually know where the spare tire is located, never mind the jack that you will need to replace the flat tire on the side of the road when it is dark and raining? How about if you have a light bulb out? Before you run down to the local auto parts store and buy one, look in the handbook for the specific operation of a component we may be checking.

If you find yourself parked in your car for whatever reason and you are looking for something to read, reach in the glove compartment and grab that little book. You will be surprised what you can actually learn about your car and its operation.

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