Preparing your car for the fall/ winter seasons

As the seasons change the needs of your car also change. With the fall/winter seasons upon us here are a few suggestions in order to keep your car in good and safe operating condition. As the days grow shorter- you will be using your lights more so, inspect all lights including headlights, running lights and the very important brakes lights. Headlights that allow water or moisture internally will not illuminate near as well.

We see a lot of battery failures when the cold snaps hit, if your battery is five years old or older there is a good chance it could let you down on a cold and rainy night, have it checked. Inspect your tires, if your tires are worn to the point where water is not being dispersed you could possibly experience “hydroplaning” where water becomes between the tire and the road possibly causing loss of control of the vehicle. Cooling system is very important, have the anti-freeze checked or replaced if recommended as it may not protect your cars cooling system when temperatures drop below freezing. Your cars climate control system should also be checked for proper function as you will need heat and A/C, the A/C is used when using the defrost mode and dehumidifies the cabin a lot faster than without A/C. Last but not least stay on top of your cars maintenance, maintaining your car correctly will result in longer trouble free driving. Drive safely.

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