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In today’s column I wanted to try something different, I thought I would run something by the readers and would like to see how much interest this idea gets. I have been putting together information in order to present a no cost class aimed at the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle. This class is intended for educating new and experienced drivers both male and female. It will cover such things like what to do when the check engine light suddenly illuminates while driving, information to help you make better decisions on servicing or repairing your vehicle, down to basic instruction on how to safely change a spare tire. The class would consist of class room time and “hands on” training as well. My experience of being a automotive repair shop owner and a ASE certified master technician is that a lot of costly repairs could have been avoided if the driver had a better understanding of what to do when an out of the norm situation occurs while driving. The class would approximately consume two or three hours of time but certainly could save thousands of dollars in certain situations. If you would have interest in attending or believe someone in your family would have interest, please e-mail me at If you have any automotive related questions by all means e-mail me and I will get back to you promptly. Happy holidays to all.

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